Official Communication regarding "Is My Son Gay?"


Regarding the application "Is My Son Gay?, you will find below the answer, from the person who ordered the application development from the agency.

All the best

Focus on the right fight !

I was extremely surprised by the negative comments about "Is my son gay?". I was also surprised by their nature : some people didn't hesitate to compare it with "Jew or not jew ?", an application which was listing all the French jewish famous people. That is not acceptable !

"Is my son gay?" was made with a fun approach. It does not rely on any scientific element. It relies on the fact that some behaviours, some family and social environments are often met among gay people. No more. No less.
I would like to ask two questions.
- To what extent would it be a problem for a mother to know if her son is gay ?
- Would it be a problem if he was ?
If the answer is no, then this application should not upset anyone. We can see it is not the case...

The application and the upcoming novel (in French) "Is my son gay?", from a gay writer, use fun and humor to talk about difficult moments for families to go through, such as coming out.

Focus on the right fight.


About the french novel: